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Below you will find what some of our customers say about our dealership.

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"Every aspect of this business is top notch. I have dealt with the whole shop and I cant name a weakness. Sales is great, parts are great, service is great. The only thing I would mention is stop selling me such nice If they didn't have such great products then we wouldn't of bought 3 motorcycles from them"
By: shawn    crestline, CA

"Called Art last minute to get tires changed on my BMW, he said "Be there early and it would get done", exactly as he said, got in, got out, Chaparell and Local BMW shop would need the bike through the weekend and then there's the hassle of getting a ride to and from those shops,I knew nothing about Triumphs up to that Saturday but the sales staff were more than happy to answer all my questions,wished I would have checked them out previous to getting a BMW, Friendly staff and Starbux isn't far away. These are good guys, "
By: Terry    Redlands, CA

"There's very little to say. I had my bonnie in the shop and they did an extraordinary job getting it back up in running. The shop is...its like a some kid fantasy of playground, with all the newest and greatest toys. The staff is great...I cannot heap enough praise on these lads. thank you guys so such."
By: Paul    Whittier, CA

"I appreciate the help from the guys at Douglas getting my old 95' Sprint back on the road. They had to do an engine teardown to fix it's problem. I was unable to handle the scope of work involved at home. I just purchased a '02 America and I know I can rely on Douglas to keep me supplied with whatever is needed to keep both my old Triumphs on the road! Thanks again guys. J.D."
By: Anonymous    Hesperia, CA

"After running into art & the guys at a bike nite at It's a Grind coffee house, I decide to check out a purchase of a 2010 street triple. Art & Daniel worked well with me on my trade-in bike and then I had the bike I will enjoy for many years to come. All of the guys at the shop are very helpful and friendly, with the few extra's i've added to my "triple" it has a look all it's own."
By: perry    highland, CA

"In 1960 I purchased my first new Triumph in South Dakota. Couldn't afford $2,300. for new Bonneville, so I got me 200 CC Tiger Cub for $625.00 The Triumph dealer ship looked very much like Doug Douglas location. Me and my buddies hung around shop dreamin and talkin about Bonneville's very often. Finally in 2012 I purchased the Bonneville I always wanted from Doug Douglas Triumph. I couldn't be happier or more satisfied with my new Bonneville. Over years I have owned almost every major brand of motorcycle, but never had as good of experience buying a motorcycle as I did with guy's at Doug Douglas Triumph. Staff are sincere about what they do and made me feel very comfortable during my buying experience. It's to bad this type of service is so rare today in our society. I wish them great success for many years to come. Tom Plouffe' "
By: Anonymous    LaQuinta, CA

"Was looking for the America. By the time I got off work and scooted over it was sold. Bummer. Not! Art showed me a 07 Speedmaster. Talked it over previous owner took great care of it. Got financed took it home. Sound is great. My family Loves it! Art you guys rock!! Crack the throttle and anyone knows your there. Anyways if you see the bike you want, youd better get there first. But I'm and greatfull they had another one there just for me :) A great experience. You guys are great."
By: Robert    La Quinta, CA

"I've had my 2011 Bonneville well over a year now, and have more than 17,000 miles on it. It's been hard to pull me off of it since I got it. I bought my bike from Doug Douglas, and have had all my service done there. I can't say strongly enough what a great dealership this is. Everyone who works there is passionate about bikes, and especially the brands they sell. They are very much an "old-style" dealership, where they treat you like a friend, and are very gracious in answering even the most simple questions about your bike. When I get my bike serviced, I like to just hang out and see how everyone is, talk about bikes, and fantasize about what I want to do next to my bike. Doug Douglas has made me a big fan of the Triumph brand. If you are considering getting a Triumph or Royal Enfield, I can't recommend Doug Douglas highly enough. "
By: Scott    Upland, CA

"My Royal Enfield G5 purchase was a great experience. Daniel did a fantastic job , very professional in both the sale and knowlege of the bike. While Daniel was doing the paperwork, Art jumped in and completely went thru the bike and serviced it . They treated me like a king which is something you dont get from a dealer/superstore ( I wont mention any names). Doug Douglas has a friendly atmosphere with all the parts and accessories anybody would need. I could go on and on !"
By: Jack    San Bernardino, CA

"My old Legend runs better than it ever has. I'm very pleased."
By: Mark    Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"I found this dealership on the internet and after reading all the reviews I was begining to wonder if the dealership wrote them. But I have to say that if I could rate this place 6 stars I would. I bought a 2011 Bonneville from them and it was a pleasure to do business with these people!!!!! In this day and age it is unheard of to get such exceptional service! "
By: Ron    Riverside, CA

"It's been a long time since I've wanted to "hang out" at a motorcycle dealership, but these folks definitely run a friendly and helpful shop. Even their approach to selling is excellent - they are not afraid to solicit interest in their products, but always keep it helpful and friendly. Great work guys; keep it up!"
By: Anonymous    Pinon Hills, CA

"One word, Passion! Well if they have been in business since 1963, they must be doing it extremely right for their customers! And when you visit them and they service your machine you will know that they really care about and love motorcycles. Furthermore, they are specialized in Triumphs, now that is a close relationship with a great brand name. I will certainly go back again for all my Triumph requirements. And anyone else that loves their Triumphs and want to keep them running forever should do also let them take care of it for you, no matter the distance and time. You buy a Triumph and you must wed her! Thank you gentlemen!"
By: August    Los Angeles-Los Feliz

"Walking into this dealership reminds me of the shops I frequented as a kid....Everyone has passion for the sport and the brand. They are friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable."
By: Tom    Oak Hills, CA

"Bought my 2010 Bonneville from Daniel and my experience was par excellence. I continue to get guidance and support after the sale. This dealership and Daniel are highly recommended."
By: Alex    Claremont, CA

"I was a Kawi owner until I got the chance to ride a friends 2008 675 Daytona (one of two friends who have purchased bikes from Doug Douglas). Once my test ride was done I was off to see Art and Danny. I met Art a number of times and probably asked every question imaginable. Art is very knowledgeable and never rushed or pressured me to buy the 2009 675 Daytona. Which I appreciated, making the decision to purchase from Doug Douglas a no brainer when the red one came in. When it came time to sign on the dotted line the finance company closed without responding. Danny followed up and got the paperwork handled same day and even stayed late with the tech to make sure I could take my new baby home. I put 350 fun miles (not commutting miles) on the bike in less then a week and it has been the most rewarding motorcycle I have ever ridden. I would recommend meeting the staff at Doug Douglas before buying a Triumph anywhere else. I got the feeling I was not a number at Doug Douglas but a valued customer, a rare experience with todays businesses. THANK YOU to everyone at Doug Douglas, you have a customer for life! "
By: Anonymous    Menifee, CA

"Danny's techical expertise is outstanding! He recommended that I lowered my bike (Bonne) because I was riding to high. So I had him lowered it with some new shocks that he suggested. He was on target........fantastic job and I ride lower with more control.......thanks for knowing your buisness. "
By: Lee    Yucaipa, CA

"Hey, I had an adventure this afternoon. Coming back on the San Bernardino freeway at about 75 (mph, that is) on my 2006 Tiger, I clipped a screwdriver with my front tire. I saw it too late to react. "Uh-oh," my neurons started transmitting. The bike felt a tiny bit squirrelly, so I thought maybe I punctured the front tire. I started to move to the right, and then the back end felt very squishy. "Shoot," thinks I, "maybe it's the back tire...." Then the oil light came on. It's quite bright. More so than I, I think. I looked down and the bike was covered with oil. The back end of my Tiger sashayed around quite a bit. On the freeway. With with trucks and cars screaming by. Maybe some of that dirt riding experience paid off... Bottom line, I managed to get off to the side of the freeway and stopped without eating any pavement (me or the bike). That screwdriver punched a clean hole in my oil filter (which is preferable to punching a hole in the engine cases, I hear). Both tires okay. Wow. I called Art at Douglas motorcycles in San Bernardino, who was out in maybe 10 minutes with 4 quarts of Mobil 1, a new filter, and clean underwear... Art's only comment was something about what some people are willing to do to save a little on labor charges... "
By: Joe     Upland, CA

"Thanks to Danny,Art,and the rest of the staff at Doug Douglas a first rate place to do business. They took care of a warranty issue with my bike, and could have easily sent me down the road to the dealer that i purchased my bike from. Thanks for taking care of my Speedmaster! Jim (a happy Triumph owner)"
By: Jim    Claremont

"good people good service good products good grief! great bike!"
By: jerry    banning, CA

"Great deals on both my Triumphs and great people. A real motorcycle shop."
By: Joe    Upland, CA

"Art and his team do an outstanding job, very friendly and knowledgeable. He has an "old school" ethic, but clearly understands the needs of todays customers. If you want a pleasant buying experience coupled with outstanding service, this is the place to go. I intend to buy all my future Triumph from Art. The 2007 1050 Tiger I bought from him is an outstanding motorcycle, I could not be happier with it (a good compliment to my 2005 955i Tiger and my 2002 955i Daytona CE). Very staisfied, Bill"
By: William    Santa Clara, CA

"Outstanding customer service! They did everything to make sure that I was happy with the transaction and patiently answered all of my questions without hesitation or reservation. Special consideration must go to Mr. Art Guilfoil and the rest of the staff who personally made sure that I was taken care of. This is the type of customer service every dealer should strive for."
By: Chris    Grand Terrace, CA

By: albert    moreno valley, CT

"Over the last three years, my husband and I have purchased two Triumphs from Doug's: a Rocket 111 and a Thunderbird Sport. Not only were both sales processes effortless and enjoyable, their service department has been top notch as well. Everyone is friendly, knowledgeable and willing to go that extra mile. Thanks guys! "
By: kitty    san bernardino, CA

"I am deployed over seas and decided to purchase a new Daytona 675. The folks at Doug Douglas made this process pleasurable and painless. I couldnt have asked for a better smoother deal anywhere. Being able to purchase a new bike without even being present can often be a diffucult task, they made it as easy as buying as if I were at the dealership. A great group of people and a great bike to go with it. Thank you for everything you did."
By: Loyal    Las Vegas, NV

"This is the only dealership of any kind that I've encountered where you feel like part of the family as soon as you walk in the door. Over the last year and a half since I purchased my Rocket III, all aspects of the dealership have only improved. This new web site is a great addition! "
By: George F.    Cathedral City, CA