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Our Staff



Art G.
Part owner and company slave. Has more passion for the customers bikes than the customers do. Former road racer and flat-tracker can still set a pace that's ridiculous. Has just enough knowledge of all areas of motorcycling from customizing to riding to service work to be dangerous. Art is the General Manager of the store.

Doug D.
Founder of the company but no longer with us as he passed away a few years ago and is missed. Former national caliber racer that's won the prestigious Baja off-road race more than once and set a solo record in the process.
Danny M.
Company partner and the only "long hair" we allow in the company. More educated than all the rest combined and is a fully Triumph certified mechanic to boot.
Danny is involved in all areas of the dealership and mainly runs the back office duties and makes sure we keep our bills paid. We wouldn't know what end was up without Danny!


Daniel C.
Daniel rides a Speed Triple and a Rocket III. He became a full time addition to Douglas Motorcycles in 2007 after working with us and JRC Engineering each part time. We stole him because he makes us laugh...OK, that and he's an accountant so he's pretty darn useful. Daniel has taken on a lot of important roles in the company the past few years and now he is our Sales Manager operating all areas of the sales department with the help of his staff.


Jeremy H.
Jeremy has been involved in the motorcycle industry as a mechanic for nearly 17 years now. He's no stranger to a toolbox for sure. He's worked most of that time at Triumph dealerships. Jeremy also is a former road racer. He is passionate about motorcycles and fits the mold of the people at Douglas Motorcycles by having a genuine desire to exceed your high expectations. You won't find someone to care for your bike more than he does, anywhere! Jeremy is our Service Manager so be sure to get to know him.

Elliott I

Elliot comes to Douglas Motorcycles after working for Ron Wood Motorcycles for 33 years. He's been involved in parts, R&D and racing for so long that we are very lucky to have him as part of the team. If you need parts, advice on any area of your bike, or racing, Elliott can likely help. Elliott is the parts department Manager.

Brad R.

Brad is a Triumph expert! He is a sales consultant for us the past year+ and he currently owns a Speed Triple plus an Ex Thruxton Cup racer. He's very helpful no matter what bike you have an interest in from Triumph, MV Agusta or Zero.

Martin L.

Martin has been a customer of ours for many years and for the past year he is also our online sales consultant. He specializes in helping people get the knowledge they need and the bike that fits those needs. He rides a Daytona 675!